At Tint Shop NC, we’re car cleaning & detailing professionals in Denver who love cleaning all makes and models of cars – helping to bring them back to their former glory!

We are experienced, trained and fully insured auto detailing specialists, so you can be assured we will provide the highest level of care for your vehicle!

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We know our most important asset is the stellar reputation we’ve earned from treating our customers right. We take the utmost pride in only offering top of the line products and industry-best techniques on all vehicles we service.

It’s important to us that we educate on our customers on their needs before performing any services. Some might think a simple cut & polish is as easy as running a buffer over the car to gloss the paint. Unfortunately, most detailing shops & dealerships would have you believe this is all that’s needed as well. Often times this can leave the paint in worst condition than before the job due to incorrect polish selection & improper techniques.

We take the time to understand our clients needs and budget, and explain the process involved – not all vehicles are the same, or in the same condition. It is always important to know what the client expects so we can ensure we exceed their expectations.

Interior Car Detailing



The interior may not be the first thing people see when viewing your car, but it’s just as important for both personal comfort and adding the perfect finish to your vehicle. Just like our professional exterior details, Tint Shop NC offers interior auto detailing services in Denver, NC. We’re known as experts by trade here in the local area.

Keeping the interior of your car clean can sometimes be harder than the exterior. It can easily and unsuspectingly build up over time, until it’s an overwhelming chore that negatively impacts on your comfort and space. Ensuring you keep your car’s interior maintained, alongside the exterior, goes a long way in retaining the value of your vehicle.

Having the inside of your car clean and spotless is also crucial when putting it on the market. You wouldn’t sell your car before washing the outside, and the same applies to the interior. When people get up close or even test drive your vehicle, make sure they leave with a fantastic impression – your car that’s immaculately clean inside and out.

The goal of an interior detailing job on your vehicle is to:

  • Remove all accumulated trash & dirt (no matter how hidden!)
  • Full interior vacuum
  • Deep clean seats & upholstry
  • Clean and polish windows and door frames.
  • Don’t forget about under the hood and in the trunk! We get in there too.

When it comes to detailing your car. We here at Tint Shop NC knows how to get in there, do an amazing job, and at an affordable price. No fuss, no hassle, just thorough, comprehensive cleaning by professional car interior detailers.

Exterior Car Detailing


Detailing the exterior of your vehicle is just what the word says…detailing. This is not a quick wash or wax service. We get down to the details of your exterior to make it shine.

Trust us – there is very little we haven’t seen, but we can still surprise you! Even the worst-case scenarios can come out shining like new, and if your car isn’t in too bad shape, we can make the exterior of your automobile glisten like it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor!

The goal of an Exterior Detailing job on your vehicle is to:

  • Bring out the maximum shine and luster of the paint finish.
  • Remove or minimize (not hide) light surface scratches and imperfections.
  • Apply a protective paint sealant.
  • Meticulously clean, revitalize, and protect every inch of the exterior surface, including the trim, glass, wheels, door jambs, fender-wells and tires.

Paint Correction


Tint Shop NC can restore your scratched, faded or damaged paint work to a slick mirror like finish once again. Most of these are imperfections inflicted by Automatic / DIY car washes or poor wash techniques where sponges are used which can trap dirt and grit between the sponge and the paint work and scratch the surface resulting in swirl marks or even worse, deep scratches.

Paint correction involves a highly experienced operator measuring the paint work with a paint thickness gauge in several locations on each panel to determine how much paint is left on the vehicle, the paint work is clay barred to remove embedded contamination and imperfections are removed by machine polishing down to the depth of the defect to permanently remove them, this will remove such things as swirl marks, scratches, holograms, oxidation, & buffer trails by using different combinations of compounds, abrasive polishes, finishing polishes and buffing pads to specifically suit your vehicles paint work.

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